Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The best teddy bear ever

My writing has been pretty long-winded and something of a bummer as of late, though I suspect you'll forgive me for that. Even so, I think maybe it's time for a nice short post with a little more... cheer. You'll like this.

On the truly excellent recommendation of Cori's midwife, we went to the nearest Build-A-Bear™, picked up one of their little recording devices, and brought it to a recent appointment so we could capture Aiden's heartbeat. One more quick trip to the ursine customization facility and we were the proud owners of this little guy:

He's pretty much my favorite stuffed animal of all time.


  1. B.J., That is such a fantastic idea. Cori's midwife is awesome. That will be such a precious keepsake.

  2. My grandson's heartbeat! I LOVE it! What a sweet, sweet sound!!

  3. Amazing! I would even consider getting more of the recording devices and record more "copies" of his heartbeat in case anything happens to this one. After all, it is technology and technology often fails when we need it most.