Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Emergency Request

Since launching this blog and watching its readership grow, I have hoped that its global reach might someday be used for some purpose beyond just baby news.  Half an hour ago I received an e-mail that convinced me that today is that day.

Most of you do not know Ken Smith.  Most of you are missing out.  Ken, who was my direct supervisor for nearly three years at my current job, is a man of prayer unlike any I have ever known.

Last night Ken collapsed and was rushed to a local hospital.  The doctors found that he has severe internal bleeding, but could not determine the source.  His condition worsened overnight and he is currently in the process of being airlifted to another hospital in an attempt to save his life.  I have very little other information, I just know that his situation is very grim.

I am forever grateful for the thousands that have been praying for me, Cori, and our son Aiden these last few months.  I now ask that you turn your thoughts and prayers to Ken Smith and his family.  I will post again when I know more.